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Bedroom Design

The bedroom is not just a place for sleeping any longer, it's a place to unwind, relax and just getaway. Whether you're bedroom is large or small, make it your space. Personalize your bedroom with your favorite colors, textures and accessories. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive to be beautiful and relaxing space.

In this section, we have tried to put together various bedroom ideas as suggestions for style, color, textures and accessories. Remember, these are only ideas to get your juices flowing. We hope you enjoy.

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms don't have to be cold and sterile and function driven. They can be extensions of your bedroom or other rooms in your home. Make your bathroom comfortable and cozy and treat it like you would any other room. Decorate the walls and counters with photos and accessories. Use lush towels and linens to create a sense of luxury. Turn your bathroom into a special retreat where you can soak in your tub, read and forget about the stresses of your day.