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French Country Design

French Country is one of the most popular styles of décor today. Why is it so popular? The French Country style lends itself to feelings of comfort, ease and casual elegance. It’s not too prim and proper, but not so eclectic that it feels like a jumble of confused styles. It’s simple, yet elegant.

When you think of the French countryside you think of vibrant hues of color from sunny yellows to crisp blues and creamy whites.

Textures are also important in the French Country Style. Chipped paint, rusted iron, heavy cotton and rustic pine add a sense of age and weight. To offset the heaviness, airy white curtains, lace and vases of lush flowers should fill your room.

While the French Country style can be rustic, it’s what I like to call “rustic-light”. It incorporates rustic pieces with comfortable objects such as throws, pillows and rugs. It’s not stripped, rough pine, it’s chipping paint, worn and loved. It’s old-world charm at it’s best.

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