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Jungle Bath Design

Continue your jungle/safari theme into your master bath with the Kailua Bath Accessories collection from

Begin by adding lush potted plants and breezy window treatments. Keep your bathroom open and light. Compliment your safari bathroom with plush towels in shades of white, natural, linen and hues of rich browns.

Don't skimp on the quality though. Full, fluffy towels will add elegance and comfort to any bathroom decor. Remember, quality doesn't have to mean costly either. You can find an endless selection of accessories for your safari bathroom on Ebay.

When decorating, try remembering your 5 senses. Once you have the touch with your towels and fabrics, move on to the smells with candles and bath soaps. A bowl of fragrant handmade soaps add both smell and color as well as interest. A small waterfall will add a sense of sound for relaxing in your tub.

Remember to accessorize your walls too with faux painting techniques or textured wallpapers. Include some animal themed prints framed in dark woods or antiqued gold.

Most people don't have the money to completely redo their bathrooms so you work with what you have. If you have pink tile, but don't want a pink bathroom, take the time to paint the tiles or refinish the surface of your vanity area and cabinets. Paint can go a long way on a small budget, even in a rich, exotic looking safari bathroom.