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A Man's Space


Spiegel Bedroom SetAre you looking for a little masculinity in your bedroom? Tired of the frills and flowers? This Sueded bedroom set from Spiegel is clean, sleek and all man.

The tones remain neutral, while the textures of the fabrics bring out a lush feel, keeping the room from feeling stark and empty.For this room, furniture and accessories should remain dark like these stack tables.


Keep your walls neutral by using a creamy camel colored paint in a suede texture or faux washing technique for added interest.

Window treatments should be kept simple and clean in this style of simple masculinity. Think about using sheer vertical blinds to add height to your windows while keeping the lines simple and uninterrupted.

While you might not think about it, candles are an important accessory for any room, even a masculine retreat. For a simple, clean display, arrange several neutral colored candles in varying heights on a glass plate or dish with smooth river rocks.

A masculine style bedroom doesn't have to be boring and it doesn't have to be heavy with hunting scenes and forest greens. Various fabrics and textures like suede and leather add interest even to a monochromatic room.