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Shopping for Your Bedroom Makeover

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller


Are you looking to spruce up your bedroom? A total overhaul or just a few new touches? We’ve created a list of online stores to help get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re looking for a new bed, bedding and linens or just a few accessories, these stores will have it all.

Spiegel – Spiegel’s online store is an excellent source for finding bedding sets from country to contemporary. They are usually displayed to give you an idea of the full effect of the bedding set and potential decorating accessories. Even if you’re just looking for style ideas, Spiegel’s online store is a great source for ideas. – this site is another excellent source for all of your bedding and linen needs. They also have a nice selection of accessories such as lamps, rugs and pillows.

Linens 'n Things - is a fabulous home decor website. Even better, they frequently offer coupons and discounts for online purchases as well.

eBay - believe it or not, you can find affordable bedding and bedroom accessories on eBay. Not everything on this auction site is used. You can find brand new decorative pillows, duvet covers, comforters and more. - Amazon is another site that carries everything from books to home accessories at affordable prices.

When looking to redecorate your bedroom, or any room in your house, perusing the internet can be a great way to find new style and design ideas as well as finding the best deals. Redecorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to toss out everything and start new. Redecorating your bedroom can be as simple as getting a new duvet and throw pillows or painting the walls and adding new artwork. If you have any shopping tips for a bedroom makeover, email us!