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Creating a Romantic Bedroom

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, thoughts are turning to all things love and romance. Why not create a romantic bedroom year round?

Remember, a romantic bedroom does not have to mean pink, satin and lace either. It can be the special touches like feather pillow beds, down comforters and luxurious linens that make your master bedroom a romantic oasis not only for Valentine’s day, but for all times.

First things first – remove that television. Not only is it not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, it is a distraction as well. A cd player or radio is a much better option and can be conducive to relaxation and romance.

Lighting is a great way to set the mood and can be done on any budget as well. Install dimmer switches for your main/over head lighting. Use indirect lighting such as soft lamps and aromatic candles.

A luxurious bed can be created by using fluffy pillow, down comforter and feather pillow beds. Try Linens N Things for a great selection of down bedding. Incorporate various textures with chenille throws and fringed pillows. For your linens, high quality bedding goes a long way for comfort and romance. Think soft solids in light colors for a soothing effect.

The small things can count in creating a romantic bedroom. Fresh flowers and delicious candles add softness and fragrance. Find a small book of love poems to stack on your night table. Buy More For Less at Ebay.

Creating a romantic bedroom does not mean a total re-do. It can be as simple as adding supple pillows, a vase of fresh aromatic roses and romantic candles.

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