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Alternative to Pink - Yellow, Green and White


It's A Girl!

If you're looking for a little girl's nursery set, but don't care for the frilly pinks, think about non-gender specific colors like mossy greens and light, sunny yellows.

This set by celebrations is called Brooklyn's Garden. While it does not have the typical little girl's pink, it is still feminine and soft with quilting, heart shaped pillows and scalloped edging.

You can find this set at BabyUniverse where you can also find the additional accessories to dress up this pink free little girl's set.

Adding wall shelves is a great way to provide additional storage and display space for those extra special teddy bears or for any accessories that need to be kept out of reach.

Another great idea for storage or display is this reversible toy bag that easily hangs from the crib.

Non-gender specific colors provide a wide range of opportunity when decorating your nursery, whether it is for your new baby girl or boy.