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Blue for...Girl?

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

Blue can be a color that represents calm and peace. When used for a nursery or child’s room it’s usually associated with little boys. But, blue doesn’t have to equal boy. Break the rules and decorate your little girl’s room in blue–I dare you.

A soft, pale blue can easily be used for a little girl’s room with the right accessories. It’s important to stick with super soft shades of blue, think shabby chic and fluffy clouds.

Don the bed with white roses or floral prints. Dress up the windows with white lace or sheer drapes. Accessorize with dainty objects and floral prints.

For a feeling of years gone by, an off-white, chippy-painted wrought iron bed frame works well. White wicker or antique wood will also keep the room light and girly.

While blue will probably always be thought of as “for a boy’s room” by instinct, it doesn’t have to be restricted to a boy’s room. Girl’s like blue too!

If you have a girl’s room decorated in blue, we’d love to see ideas.