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Denim Patchwork

When decorating your nursery, keep in mind the fabrics that are tried and true such as ginghams, toiles or denim. They're the classics and you can't go wrong.

This Denim Patchwork set from is for those who like the relaxed feel that denim creates, especially in a nursery. With varying shades of blue, it evokes a sense of calm as well as nostalgia. Denim is certainly one of the tried and true fabrics. We all wear it. Why not decorate with it.

This Denim nursery set works well with pine and honey colored wood finishes. To keep the room from feeling too blue, choose a neutral cream or taupe color for your walls. A soft, simple faux finish can be used to add some depth without making the walls too busy. To add a splash of color, try using a pale yellow accent sheet or pillow. Use a pale blue and yellow lampshade or rocking chair pad.

If you're unsure of how you want to decorate your nursery, just remember the classics.