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Field of Flowers

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

So your little girl is no longer so little and she’s wanting a room to call her own. Should you go pure pink or frilly lace? A little girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to be all pink with frills and laces. You can achieve a feminine looking bedroom with all shades from pink to green or yellow.

This bedroom set is from and is great for a little girl’s bedroom. By mixing and matching, you can make it as frilly or unfrilly as you (or she) likes. This set is ultra flexible with its reversible comforter. If the little girl of the room loves her flowers, the yellow base provides a sunny backdrop for a field of flowers in shades of pink with dark yellow butterflies fluttering about.

To tone down the flowers, add solid colored pillow shams, throw pillows and chenille throw. Not only will this tone down the flowers, you can pull out another color from the comforter if you want to tone down the yellow and throw in a dash of feminine pink. The reverse of the comforter is a pink and yellow gingham. Again, you can add solids to pull out more yellow or go with the flow and add in more pink hues. The options are endless with this type of comforter and can easily change with the mood of your little princess.

This comforter set evokes as sense of being outdoors in spring. To continue that feel, keep the window treatments light with sheer panels or basic lace curtains. Let the little girl of the room accessorize with her favorite stuffed animals. Keep your lamps simple and uncomplicated so as not to overpower the room with a busy feel. Bulletin boards trimmed in ribbon provide a refined place to display winning ribbons, favorite best-friend photos, hair ribbons and more.

It can often be easy to go overboard with pinks and frills in a little girls bedroom. Try to think of a simplified elegance instead. Give her some of the frills, but with a touch of class. It’ll be a room that you will both be proud of.

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