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Ragging: Quick & Simple Technique

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Rag rolling is a quick and simple texturing technique. The objective is to simulate the appearance of old walls -- walls with memories and wonderful secrets. The method is to distress the wall surface by using twisted, lint-free cloth to work and remove the paint or glaze. The end result is like a stunning old leather purse. It can be achieved by using subtle color combinations (the glaze coat, a few tones darker than the base color), pale tones over a darker base color or by using contrasting equally bright colors. I suggest that you experiment with color combinations and a variety of different "rags." Traditionally, lint-free rags are used but you might also like the look acquired by using crumbled brown paper bags, woven cloth, bunched up plastic wrap, paper towels and even bubble wrap!

Step 1: Assemble your tools -- gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing, a roller, tray, lots of rags, satin or semi-gloss base paint, glaze and paint to mix with the glaze for your top coat.

Step 2: Paint your walls with the base color and allow them to dry.


Step 3: Prepare your second (glaze) coat by mixing one part of your second color paint with four parts of glaze. Place approximately two cups of the prepared glaze in a tray. Dip tightly twisted rags (or bunched up bags) into the glaze and remove excess.

Step 4: Quickly dab the rag over the base color, changing hand positions frequently so as to avoid a patterned effect. Be sure to change rags often. Once it becomes saturated with glaze, (about a dozen dabs will do it), the rag is no longer able to do its job.