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Wash Your Houseplants
to Prevent Pest Problems

Most of us have houseplants. Some have just a few, others have a jungle. Either way, they add to your home's decor and it's important to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. This article from Gardener's Supply Co. is a great starting place.

Article from: Gardener's Supply Co.

Dust and grime on the leaves of your houseplants doesn't just look bad; it can also be harmful to the health of the plant. Dust filters sunlight before it reaches the plant, decreasing the amount of photosynthesis the plant can undertake. It also stresses the plant by inhibiting transpiration. Dust and grime can also attract and harbor spider mites and other insect pests.

Wash smooth-leaved houseplants with a moist, soft cloth. For plants with many small leaves, spray them with lukewarm water or tip the plant upside down (use crumpled paper or aluminum foil to protect the soil) and swish it through a tub of water. You can add a few drops of mild liquid dishwashing soap or insecticidal soap to the water as well.

Never use a feather duster to clean you plants, because dusters can easily transfer tiny insects or eggs from one plant to another.

Inspect houseplants for problems every time you water them. If you see signs of pests or disease, isolate the plant from your other plants until you clean up the problem.