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French Bistro

Photo: Philip Harvey. Interior Designer: Agnes Bourne, Inc.

Looking for a way to brighten up your small kitchen space? Try painting the walls with a bright, sunny yellow to create a sense of cheeriness. Black and white checked floors can add dimension and interest.

Hang funky French posters on your walls to create a cheery French Bistro feel. Decorate your table with bright yellow dinnerware with deep coffee mugs. A sleek black bistro table adds a contemporary flair, but if you aren't so bold, drape your table in coordinating fabrics in yellows and blacks or even bright blues. Try searching auctions on Ebay for great deals on art and accessories for you French Bistro kitchen.

Space is always an issue in small kitchens. Try hanging a pot rack. Not only will it give you a place to store your pots and pans, it adds a decorative touch and makes the kitchen appear used and enjoyed.

Use simple ceramic bowls on your counters to store fruits. Not only is it storage space, but it will also accessorize as well as add colors and textures.

Window treatments can be kept simple in order to allow the light to fill your space. Try simple sheer blinds. If you want more fabric and texture, add a valance or window topper to bring out more color in your room.

Make your small kitchen a fun, cheerful space with a splash of yellow and a twist of French flair.