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Black and White Sophistication

By H. Iacobacci-Miller

If you’re afraid of too much color, this room might be right up your alley.

Neutral shades of white from crisp to creamy set the back drop for dramatic splashes of black.

Adding various textures and fabric styles keep the room from feeling stark and cold.

Choose this sophisticated white chaise in either a matelassé with beaded fringe and curved lines or a hand sewn ultra-soft chenille upholstery with lounge-cut arms. Dress up the chaise with plush pillows with black and white patterns. A zebra or leopard print adds a hint of drama.

Timeless black and white prints like this Marilyn Monroe classic add sophistication and an aged elegance. White pottery and black enamel accessories complete this room.

Black and white doesn’t have to be boring. It can be just as colorful and lively as a splash of racy red or brilliant blue.