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Comfortable Living - The Ease of Denim

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

What’s more comfortable than your favorite pair of blue jeans? Perhaps an overstuffed sofa covered in soft denim. If you like the casual, comfy, cozy feeling of denim, you’ll like this denim inspired living room from Better Homes and Gardens.

If you have ever worried about your sofa getting soiled, worn or torn through rough and tumble play or your favorite four-legged friend, then denim is the perfect option. It’s soft and durable. Denim also comes in other colors than the typical “denim blue”.

Using accent pillows in various textures from chenille to cotton will add more interest to the touch and allow you to bring in a variety of colors. With denim, the color options are nearly limitless. This living room uses yellow hues to bring in a sunny, relaxed look reminiscent of a lazy Saturday afternoon. Paired with pine furniture accents, it creates a bit of a country feel.

When most of us think of denim, we think of our favorite jeans. They’re your favorite for a reason; they’re comfortable. Why not extend that easy, relaxed feeling into your home. Denim is versatile and works well with a variety of styles and colors. Even better, it’s washable, durable and comfortable.

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