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One Living Room, Three Ways


You can change the entire feel of a room by bringing in one new piece and then reworking the room around it. This makeover started with a one-of-a-kind Victorian chair I spotted at a garage sale. Its rich, red velvet upholstery inspired me to create a bit of romance in this room, which I reinforced by throwing a rose-toned quilt on the sofa. By simply adding a few other styling elements and replacing the coffee table with an antique-looking trunk, the room took on a softer and more romantic feel. The details:

Two-Tone Color Palette: I used a red-and-cream theme and added a third color, green, as an accent with drapes and floral hatboxes. You can do the same by looking around your house for items that match your palette, then grab a pillow, throw or dish in each color. You'll be surprised at what you find. Once your two-tone base is established, you can start trying additional colors as accents; it will be easy to see whether or not they work.

Sofa Resuscitation: In addition to the rose-toned quilt, I updated this sofa with some pillows in hues of pink and red to help to warm it up and give it a cozy look. You can also change the style of your sofa by adding a bed cover, throw or slipcover.

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