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A Toile Office

Still looking for home office ideas? Why not try this classy toile print covered chair paired with a fold-away office desk . Not only is toile a classical print, it comes in nearly any color you could possibly want, from pink to black or even a combination of blue and yellow.

Toile doesn't have to mean country chic or French country. It can be sleek and stylish and fits in with any decor or furniture style from contemporary to traditional.

For a contemporary home office, try a crisp black toile paired with sleek black furniture. If you're working in a small space, try a fold-away desk or armoir to house your computer, books and other important documents. This vignette from would not only work for an office tucked away in a separate room, but would fit nicely into a living or den area.

These samples show how a toile pattern can be paired with stripes or ginghams depending on the look you're going for for your contemporary toile home office.

Try reversible drapes for large windows with your toile on one side and a stripe or solid on the reverse. When draped open, you see both patterns introduced into the room.

When trying to decorate your home office, it's important to remember what you like. If Toile is your pattern, but you don't like the country look that is often associated with toile, change your color and throw in some other prints. Pair it up with non-traditional, black furniture or furniture with sleek, simple lines. Remember, it's your space, do what you like!