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Tabletop Photo Array

Keep family and friends close by keeping a gathering of favorite images on a table you use regularly.

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I found this article on the Better Homes and Gardens website website and wanted to share it with everyone. If you're anything like me, you have lots of framed photos, but not enough space to display them all without them looking cluttered. Try using some of the tips from this article and do your family photos justice.

Baby pictures mix well with
wedding photos and other
personal items on a bedside table.

Skimming the Surface with Style

Desks, end tables, and side tables all have a few square inches of space to spare for family photos. As a general rule, choose images and frames of a smaller scale to not overwhelm the space. Having a lamp tall enough to shine over all the images is a good idea; it guarantees the pictures will always be seen in their best light.

In a personal space like a bedroom, fill a table full of images that evoke personal memories and give you a warm feeling every day. That includes first pictures of babies who have long since grown.

Modest frames are desktop
perfection -- they don't
dominate the work area.

For a more public space like a desk, consider pictures that reflect the

mood of a workspace: current, open to everyone who passes by, and cheerful. Modest-size frames set images off nicely without creating an overwhelming display.

Mix in a few mementos or favorite items, perhaps a plant or two, to create an eye-pleasing vignette. To keep the images inviting and fresh, occasionally change a few of the photos, and rearrange the cluster of frames.