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Botanical Prints

By H. Iacobacci-Miller

Botanical prints can be great accents for a variety of decorating styles from Country Cottage to Victorian. The best thing is, you can make them yourself and save a bundle.

Take a trip to your favorite bookstore and pilfer through the bargain section for coffee table books that have botanical prints. Try to find prints that are free from narrative. A signature or the name of the flower is ok, but you don't want to try to cut out paragraphs while keeping the picture in proportion. We're going for simplicity here.

Now for the frame. You can either re-use frames you have lying around the house or head to the discount store for cheap, wood frames. Remember, you can always paint the frames. For a Victoria style, look for frames with filigree and an antiqued gold finish, which you can do yourself. Country Cottage or Shabby Chic décor frames are best when they look used and distressed in soft, pastel shades. Again, you can achieve this yourself. The important thing to remember is the basic design style you're going for. You can always change the color of the frame with just a little bit of paint or gold leaf.

For the mat, you can choose from a variety of options. You can purchase pre-cut mats in a myriad of colors or you can use fabric or handmade paper to frame your print.

With a sharp razor, carefully cut the botanical prints from your book. If using fabric or heavy paper, use a spray adhesive to secure your print. If you're using a pre-cut mat, just lay the mat over the print. Place back in your frame and you're done.

You can hang your prints in a variety of groupings or even place them on picture easels. For a more embellished look hang your new prints with decorative ribbon, this will look charming with Country Cottage decor.

This is an easy, inexpensive project that can make an impact in any room.