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Fall Dried Floral Arrangement

Courtesy of Jo-Ann Stores Inc.

I found this super simple arrangement from that can act as a center piece for your fall dinner table or an accent on a fire place mantel. You could even change it up for each season by changing out the silk flowers and substituting raffia for seasonal ribbons.


  • Aleene's Floral Glue
  • 1 bunch each Keepsake Garden Collection Drieds:
    • Blonde wheat
    • Black bearded wheat
    • Several sprigs preserved dried or silk oak leaves
    • 6-7 various silk fall flowers
  • Rubber band
  • Several strands of raffia
  • Craft snips or craft scissors


  1. Gather together 2 types of wheat. Even up stems at bottom by lightly tapping stems on table top. While holding the bunch in hand, begin to twist & turn the bunch so the bottom of the stems will "spray out" to create a base large enough for the bunch to stand up. Wrap rubber band around the bunch to secure.
  2. Clip off bottoms of stems to make base flat enough to stand alone.
  3. Create a small cluster of flowers & leaves to be attached to the front of the wheat "stand". Lay down stems of oak leaves. If desired, you may glue them directly to the wheat stems, on top of rubber band. Tucking stems into rubber band also helps to secure teh stems. Reinforce with glue. See photo for direction.
  4. Add various fall silk flowers on top of oak leave, as seen in photo. Place glue on stems & tuck them into wheat.
  5. Tie a "shoe-tie" bow with raffia. Let streamers of raffia hang down. Wire or glue bow to side of arrangement.

Decorating Ideas:

  • Stand on buffet table as a centerpiece.
  • Create several at different heights for an interesting centerpiece.
  • Lay flat on table or place in a flat basket.
  • Add a hanger & hang on a door or wall.
  • Use other dried or silk flowers for the cluster on front of the wheat bunch.
  • Instead of raffia, tie ribbon paper twist or jute around wheat.

HINT: To gain quicker "tack" with floral glue, place bottle in freezer approximately 1/2 hour prior to using on your project.