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Grommet & Ribbon Window Treatments

Courtesy of Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Window treatments are the crowing touch for a decorated room. Breaking with traditional curtain styles can add the right note of fun and informality. This can be most important in a family room, kitchen or bedroom, areas in which your personality can truly shine through!


  • 54" decorator fabric (enough to cover window)
  • Contrasting decorator fabric for top border, 5" wide width of panel
  • Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold (to hem curtains and header)
  • Set-It-Yourself grommet kit
  • Additional grommets to complete curtain panels
  • 1/2" wide unwired ribbon
  • Lining fabric (if desired)


  1. Measure windows carefully to determine amount of fabric, hem tape and grommets needed to complete this project. Measurements will vary, depending on the desired length of curtains, window width and other variables.
  2. Measure window to determine amount of 54" fabric needed to cover window.
  3. Add 8" to fabric length to allow for 4" double-fold hem. Add 2" to each side measurement to allow for 1" double-fold hem.
  4. Follow directions on Heat'n Bond to hem panels on sides and bottom.
  5. Cut border fabric 5" deep on (lengthwise grain) and width of panel.
  6. Hem border fabric with Heat'n Bond Hem Tape on all four sides.
  7. After hemming, press border horizontally, long edges together. Insert buckram between layers to make header.
  8. Slip header over top of curtain panel, with buckram to back.
  9. Layer Heat'n Bond as follows: between border and panel front; between panel back and buckram; finally, between buckram and border. Fuse each layer firmly before moving to the next one.
  10. Measure width of panel and evenly mark placement for grommets. Follow directions on the Set-It-Yourself Grommet Kit for setting grommets.
  11. Cut ribbon into 12" pieces. Tie curtain panel to pole.