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Storage Solutions

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

It’s a problem that almost everyone has – clutter. The question is, how do you neatly store everyday items around your home?

With the explosion of television shows addressing clutter and storage, it’s easier than ever to find functional storage that is also stylish and attractive. Storage is no longer cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Storage is baskets designed to hold everything from CDs to toys or even towels and washcloths. They are great for home offices, bathrooms, craft rooms and more. Baskets come in all types of shapes and colors, some are even stackable. You can make them custom to your décor with basket liners as well. Baskets can be functional and decorative.

Storage can also be anything that helps to un-clutter your cabinets such as additional shelving units or even lazy susans, one of my personal favorites. Use a lazy susan to organize your bathroom cabinets. Use one for hairspray bottles and other styling products. Use a second one for your medications or other miscellaneous items like facial washes, contact solution or lotions. You an even find stackable lazy susans for your smaller items.

There are adjustable bins and shelves for under the sink storage that are designed to be customizable. You can also find similar products for organizing your kitchen or bathroom drawers.

There are plastic tubs in nearly every size and shape for storing the smallest of items all the way to the largest as well as having wheels for mobility. You can store your seasonal clothing in bins and boxes designed to slide neatly under your bed as well.

Storage solutions have come a long way and are no longer just functional, they can often be decorative as well. For great deals on stylish storage solutions, try Linens n' Things, or even Ebay.