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Ribbon Weave Table Runner

Courtesy of Jo-Ann Stores Inc.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, JoAnn Fabric is a wonderful site for home decorating ideas. This table runner is perfect for fall feasts. The golden toned fabric really sets off fall colors like berry red and pumpkin orange. Use it for all of your fall feasts - even an elegant Halloween Party!

This stunning woven ribbon table runner is the perfect finishing touch for a table or sideboard!

Finished Size: 57"x14" (Measurements may be adjusted to desired size.)


* 2 yards fabric
* 2 yards thin batting
* 1 yard lightweight fusible web
* Ribbons in coordinating colors and textures:
Yardage Width
2 1-1/2"
1 1"
2 1/2"
2 1/4"
* 1 yard beaded fringe in coordinating color
* 18" cardboard square, foam core board or padded grid board


* Iron
* Pressing cloth
* Straight pins


  1. Cut 2 pieces fabric and 1 piece of batting to length needed.
  2. Finished woven ribbon sections to be 12" long x 14" wide.
  3. Cut 13" x 15" piece of fusible web and tape or pin corners to board, fusible side up.
  4. Cut 13" to 14" long ribbons for warp (top to bottom). Pin one end of ribbons at top edge of fusible web on the 13" side, letting them hang down. Pin close enough together that they touch but don't overlap. Place pin at an angle so top of pin in pointing away from you. This will help "lock" ribbon in place.
  5. Cut 15" to 16" long ribbons for the weft (left to right). Weave first ribbon in and out through the warp ribbons. If desired, experiment with the various looks that can be achieved. When ribbon is woven through all the warp ribbons, gently slide to the top and pin both ends to secure. Continue weaving ribbons in desired pattern.
  6. When weaving is complete, place pressing cloth over woven ribbon piece, and with dry iron, press fusible web to back side of ribbon. Follow package directions on fusible web for ironing. Remove all pins, and carefully lift woven piece from board.
  7. Repeat above for second woven piece.
  8. By hand or machine, baste around woven pieces to secure ribbon. carefully remove backing paper from fusible web.
  9. Pin 15" edge of woven ribbon, right sides together to top fabric piece. Carefully stitch, making sure ribbons are laying straight and flat. Repeat on opposite end.
  10. Pin beaded fringe to end of woven ribbon pieces. Stitch.
  11. Place front and back fabric right sides together, and batting on top.
  12. Machine stitch around runner leaving an opening for turning. Trim seams, turn and sew opening closed. is your one-stop shop for all of your crafting, sewing and home decorating needs.