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Victorian Boxes

By: H. Iacobacci-Miller

Do you like the look of stacked hat boxes? Love the Victorian style? Why not try this decoupage project. Not only can you add additional storage, but you can add creative interest to any room. This project is not limited to hat boxes only, it can be done with any sort of storage box of any shape or style.

What you will need:

  • Paper Mache Boxes or wooden Shaker style boxes(various sizes)
  • 2 different colors of acrylic craft paint
  • Metallic acrylic craft paint in antique gold
  • Decoupage medium
  • Brown Antiquing Gel or medium
  • Foam brushes
  • Natural Sponge
  • Stencil Brush
  • Scraps of Victorian-style wrapping paper, wallpaper or heavy tissue paper
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Spray clear coat
  • Optional:
    Gold foil paper banding
    Gold wax finish

Optional: If you have fabric and trims that you would prefer to use, you will need adhesive spray instead of decoupage medium. You can use trims and fringes to embellish the edges to make your box as elaborate as you dare.

Making your boxes:

  1. First things first, it is important to make sure that your boxes are clean (dust free). An important note: If using wooden boxes, lightly sand then wipe clean.
  2. Choose 2 or more boxes and paint with one of your choices of color (minimum 2 coats). Paint your remaining boxes with your second color choice (minimum 2 coats).
  3. Carefully cut out your images/designs from your wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc.
  4. Following the manufacturer’s directions, decoupage your images/designs to your boxes. Note: if opting to use the gold foil band, do not decoupage images to edges of lid.
  5. Option: Gold Band. Carefully place the gold foil around the lid bands of each box to make sure the band fits as you want. Once you have figured out your placement, adhere band with decoupage medium.
  6. Option: Gold Wax Edges. For an antique gilt appearance, gently rub gold wax along the edges of the boxes.
  7. Finishing Options:

    For an additional gilt finish and texture, lightly sponge boxes with gold acrylic paint.

    For an antique finish and texture, sparingly apply antiquing medium with a stencil brush. Note: the goal is to create an uneven, aged finish. To accomplish this, try pouncing or swirling the stencil brush instead of using even strokes. Antique finish can be done with or without the gold acrylic paint.

  8. Once your antique finish is completely dry, spray your boxes with clear coat or paint with decoupage medium to seal.

If you are looking for sources for supplies to make your Victorian Boxes, try and